APW Inc. is proud to introduce APW International, Inc.(APWI). APW International Inc. is the latest developmental addition to APW of Carson California. APW Inc. founded by Chairman/Owner T. Young Suhr over three decades ago, continues to thrive in today’s fast paced competitive environment.

Mr. Suhr realized early on that survival in today’s demanding marketplace required the offering of distinctly personalized customer service as well as an offering of quality product. APW International Inc. will go to market with the same philosophy:

1. Giving focused attention to emerging market trends and reacting in a manner that allows APW’s customers the market advantage required to remain on the competitive edge.
2. Continue to seek out expanded distribution opportunities.
3. Utilizing APW’s ties and influences with the Pronto Association to bring exciting and beneficial programs to its diverse customer base.

APWI will direct particular focus on manufacturing and importing products that relate directly to market trends; that not only make good financial sense but serve to enhance our customers' ability to compete in various market avenues.

APWI is currently expanding its market focus by developing manufacturing and import programs designed specifically to be attractive to the independent jobber as well as the larger scale warehouse distribution network both inside and outside the California marketplace. APWI will be uniquely positioned to penetrate and service market opportunities internationally.

The APWI customer will be privy to exclusive APWI packaging on new drive axles, wiper blades, filters, new calipers as well as other products currently being investigated. Each of the new product lines will have dedicated professionals who are postured to deliver competitive pricing without sacrificing quality.

APWI invites you to join us on our journey to success!